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How to Create Email Sub Accounts for AT&T?

Le 15 mars 2018, 08:57 dans at&t 0

Single email account can’t serve your purpose as everyone nowadays want to have at least two email accounts due to personal and official purpose. Sometimes it’s not that easy to create a second email account as some of the email service providers doesn’t allow you to create a second account on the same number. AT&T provides you this facility in an easy way so for that you have to follow the process with all instruction one by one in order to create a sub account in AT&T Email. In case you face some technical problem while following the steps then there is another option for you to resolve the issues through AT&T Customer Care Phone Number where certified experts will handle your issues in a quick manner.


Create an email sub account through AT&T for another family member.



In the beginning, you are required to launch the AT&T/Yahoo webpage and then you have to sign into your AT&T account.


Here you have to click on the arrow next to your name which can be found at the top of the page and then you have to click on the option "Yahoo Account Info".


After that, you need to enter your AT&T username and password again and then you have to click "Sign in" to get the access to the account management page.


Now you have to scroll down the page and then click on the link "Add/Manage sub accounts". After that, you have to enter your full AT&T username and password into the provided appropriate fields. Now click on "Log In".


In this step, you are required to click on "Create Sub Account".  After that you need to read the terms and conditions then you have to click on "I Agree". By clicking on "Next" you will be able to activate the setup wizard.


Now here you have to navigate to the "Member ID" field and there you are required to enter the username for creating the sub account. After that, you need to select "AT&" as the extension for the username.


It’s time to create a password for the sub account which you are going to create and then followed by entering the correct contact information for the person that the account belongs to into the provided fields. After that just click on the "Next" button.


Towards the final steps you are required to choose a security question which is given in the drop-down menu and at the same time, you have to enter the answer also to the question in the appropriate field. After that just click on the "Next" button.


In the final step of creating a sub account, you have to confirm that, whatever information you entered in the given places are correct and then just click on the "Next" button to finish the process of creating the sub account.


How simple it is to create a sub account in AT&T Email by just following the steps provided in the instructions above. If in any case you failed to do so or face any technical error while following the steps then no need to worry as there is another option to resolve the issues through AT&T Customer Service Phone Number where well qualified experts will assist you in resolving the issue with a rapid and accurate response.


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The value of communication cannot negate by anyone, therefore, it becomes too important to keep your communication safe from others. To keep your information safe and secure we choose best, simple and secure way of communication. For the professional purpose, we all believe on email. If ever you need assistance related to AT&T then ATT Customer Service can be the most suitable option for you to resolve every technical issues. Nowadays email is not only limited to send or receive email messages but it has changed its many features. Most of the things are interconnected with email services like phone contacts etc.

AT&T is also email service provider which offers web-based free emailing with amazing features. This email has top security facility comparison to its competitors.

New upgrades of AT&T email services:


  1.  Two ways verification process to keep email secure from cyber threats.
  2.   AT&T email has the facility to send up to 25 MB file as an attachment by one email.
  3. The storage ability of AT&T has enhanced therefore users can save unlimited emails in its inbox.
  4. AT&T has an online notebook, sticky notes, calendars and reminders which help its users to keep memorize important and dates.
  5. For security purpose AT&T has filters. It spots suspicious email and directly transfers it to the spam folder.
  6. The facility of spell checker removes mistakes from the message before sending it.
  7. Hence this is web mail, therefore, users can access it from anywhere easily by the help of internet connection in another device.


As we experience that the AT&T email has good features but it also shows some technical errors. To fix these errors users can get help through AT&T Customer Support Phone Number which is 24 × 7 reachable. Without any technical trouble users enjoy its features but when AT&T email cause error to sign in or log in it may annoying. If such issues also happen with your AT&T account no need to worry because you can ask for a solution to tech support team anytime from anywhere.

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The email service AT&T is based on web and provide its users unlimited storage capacity. If your AT&T email password has reset but although you access the same email account by that password from your smartphone then how to fix it?

If you are using a third party like Outlook to access your account then change your password to avoid interrupted email service. Update your email setting from a smartphone. If you find yourself unable to update email setting ring AT&T Customer Care anytime you need.

Some important information of shared password

·        If you have associate AT&T email address with access ID then your password will match as and

·        If ever you reset the password it will change for both access ID and email.

·        To complete the instructions use AT&T email account.

·        The following instructions are valid for both primary and secondary email addresses and for all AT&T email address domains (,,,,,,,,,, 

To reset your password follow the steps one by one with security option.

If you forget the security answer you can update it or follow the next set of instructions.

Visit the Forgot Password page.

1.           On the forget password page select Password.

2.           Now enter your full AT&T email address and your last name in given field.

3.           Select and click to Continue.

4.           Select I'll answer my security questions from the drop-down menu.

5.           The security question will appear on display.

6.           Answer all security question which you have set for your AT&T account.

7.           Select and click to Continue.

8.           Follow the prompts and create your new password.

After successfully reset your password you will receive a confirmation message of resetting your password. After just in five minutes you will find that you have reset your password successfully.

If you don’t receive the message and password doesn’t change then ask tech support team to help you through AT&T Customer Support Phone Number 24 × 7 hours always. On the call, trained technicians will assist you to fix it. 


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